Monday, 3 October 2011

last of the summer sun...

I don't think I am the first to admit that the English summer really did let us down this year, well- it lets us down every year. But we all hype ourselves up for blue sky days and long summer nights, but it just well, never happens. 

So when the weather report came out last week, I quickly dismissed the idea of a heat wave starting last Tuesday. We never get a heat wave at the best of times, never mind in October. So i continued to go to school in woolly tights and jumpers... soon to find out, there was a heat wave, and i was going to boil to death in these tights. 

I was no way shape or form ready for a heat wave, all my summer clothes had been bundled away for next year, and the woolly leggins and chunky knit cardigans had been brought out. Not to even mention the pale skin and bodily hair front. It was out with the coats and scarfs for a week, and in with the fake tan and shorts. 

Just for proof to myself, that i lived in a heat wave, in England, in October, i thought I'd do a blog post of a few snaps of what I've been up to during this rather extraordinary heatwave.

We thought we'd be oh so English, and go on a family trip to a farm... That's my little sister and I, pretending we love each other, and then there is a rather pleasant llamas rear end. How photogenic of him. My sisters shorts are actually from river island. she thinks shes too cool for kids shops.

Spending a sunny Saturday with my nearest and dearest, you can't go wrong with that. Can you believe that's her natural colour hair, and natural length. God only knows how much I've spent trying to get my hair her colour, but i think I'm finally lighter than her. We had a good old chuckle ha ha to the he he. That's also her natural length... one day I'm going to cut it off in her sleep and sew it into extensions for myself... I've been debating doing it for a while, at least now it would be my colour ;) I hope you all enjoyed the last of the summer sun, i know we did:-)


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