Tuesday, 18 October 2011

its beginning to look a lot like christmas

It seems like only last week was I doing a post about how I was enjoying the last of the summer sun, and now Christmas is in thoughts again. Crazy? well that's just Britain isn't it. I think it is safe to say we have now officially hit autumn, and there will not be any heatwaves for the foreseeable future. 

I don't know if any other 'villages' (hate that word sounds so British) have a fair that come round in the October time? Well anyway, my 'village' does, and it comes the third week in October, same month, same week, every year, for as long as i can remember. And for me, that signifies winter is here. It is the first time that its properly dark around 7, and i can actually feel the cold. So this year i went, it was the same as every other year- everyone gets wasted, a few people get arrested for unorderly behaviour, waste £20 odd on rides i must have been on at least 101 times before and feel like an ice cube by the time i come home. But its winter, its what happens every year, and I'm pretty sure I'll do the same next year.

After my feet almost turning to ice after the fair, i decided it was time to invest in this years winter boots. I had my eye on some from primark, but I'd only seen them in a primark that's not my local one, and I'd never seen them since. I was wandering around newlook (as you do) and came across this beauty's.

They are almost identical to the ones in primark, but i prefer the colour of the 'leather' of these ones. These were reasonably priced at £19.99 and a size 6 fits like a glove. Whereas the the primark ones were £25. I'm sorry?!?!?!?! When did this happen?! I know prices have gone up in primark, but my gosh. It breaks my heart to say this it really does, but there is nothing special about primark anymore. Newlook is equally priced, and i genuinely believe the clothing is better made. Primark is taking the piss now, either the prices come down, or the quality goes dramatically up to the point i think the prices are worth it.

Buying the new winter coat and boots is always a dreaded task, well for me and my mother it is anyway. But this year, I didn't go out looking for them, they just came to me..... ahah! But honestly, I think that's the secret. When i went to Birmingham, i didn't go into newlook with the frame of mind that "i will buy a coat in here" i was just having a look around, with nothing in mind. The rest is history and i adore my burgundy quilted jacket an awful lot. The same thing happened with my boots, well actually i was looking for school shoes.. funnily enough i didn't find school shoes, i just found boots.

The weather has finally moved on from that stuffy, cloudy, 'not hot but not cold either' stage, to now it just being cold. I'm sad to see summer go, but I'm so excited for all the winter clothes this year, which is a change for me. I'm usually a summer clothes girl, but this year i just love all the colours, well not all the colours, just burgundy. I will miss the comfort of summer, because unless you wish to freeze, winter clothes are quite restricted and uncomfy as they are so thick and layered.

What really scares me, is a whole school half term has flown by in what seems over night. I'm going to the Alton Towers Scarefest on Friday for god sake. This year really has flown... So much has actually happened. And today we got our January exam timetable.. And that to me sounds soooo far away, but realistically, it'll come around in a flash. And if January is going to come round in a flash, then I'm gonna have left school and then be left with myself, nervously waiting for results in a jiffy. And then I'll fail and wont get into sixth form or college, and then I'll go no where in life. AND now I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the autumnal weather a lot more when I'm not in my hideous school uniform.

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