Thursday, 20 October 2011

just a few bits and pieces.

I don't know if other bloggers and youtubers get this, but sometimes i am just in the mood to film and blog. I haven't been at it for every long, but sometimes, i am just in the mood to do nothing all day other than blogging, making videos, and watching videos. Today is one of those days. And i dunno about anyone else, but when I'm blogging, i love blasting out my itunes on shuffle. The Midnight Beast - Tik Tok just came on, i forgot how bloody much i love this song. "wake up in the morning feeling like winehouse, grab my breezer out the door I'm gonna be really loud. cos i don't care who i piss of yeah I'm a real big sinner, sometimes i eat my dessert before my dinner. talking odd socks on my toes, taking off my clothes, feeling over exposed so i put back on my clothes that i took of...." cannot beat it. Stuff itunes on shuffle, i think I'm gonna rock out to midnight beast for this post. Yes, lets.

Since my little trip to Birmingham, i haven't brought that many clothes. But I've picked up a few random bits and pieces that i thought I'd throw together into a mini haul. I actually showed these in my last blog post, i couldn't justify doing a haul over one pair of boots, so i just whacked them into a random post. But now I'm doing a haul, they just have to have a cheeky mention.

I just adore them so much. They're from newlook and i only payed £19.99 for them, which I'm pretty chuffed about. I'm yet to wear them out because I've been at school all week, apart from today because i had a cheeky day off, and tomorrow I'm off to Alton Towers... And its abit risky wearing new shoes to Alton Towers, you walk miles in that place,

I have never understood how people can have the same school shoes from September through to July. I don't want to sound like a freak but after one half term, my shoes have got holes in the bottom :S i think its just the way i walk /: So 7 weeks into the school year, i needed new shoes LOL.

I'm personally a huge fan of loafers, so why not have them as school shoes? I got these from Diechmann for £14.99 which is pretty darn reasonable don't you think?!

The next thing i bought was a re purchase that i absolutely love.. well obv if i re purchased it...

I get mine from asda, i can't tell you how much exactly it is because my mum buys it whenever I'm low :') but one thing i will say is, if you've got oily skin, don't go anywhere near it.

It is also my bestfriends birthday coming up, and i never have any idea on what to get friends for birthdays. So i just buy what i like, and hope for the best.

This is possibly the cutest necklace i have seen in my entire life, and there is a high chance I'm gonna go back and buy one for myself. This is from Accessorize and it was pretty steep at £16, but I'm almost certain she'll love it. So i suppose its justified.

My phone case was completely on its last legs, half the sides had broken off and i wanted a change if I'm honest! I searched high and low for a really pretty floral print phone case. I just assumed it would be one of those really easy things to find.. apparently not. I finally found the perfect one on amazon for a fiver including packaging, i usually head straight down to eBay for things like that, but i could find one this time... click HERE for a direct link to the seller or something! It was delieverd pretty quickly, and the minute it got here, it put it on my phone. Soon to realise its incredibly hard to take it off. I chipped my nail varnish over it and it still wouldn't come off. So the only way to show you is the cringy 'in the mirror' facebook pose....

And on that note, speak to you all soon xxxxx

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  1. i have a similar pair of the brown boots that i got in the sale at peacocks but they are black :) x