Hannah, 15,  and unfortunately still in compulsory education. I have no idea where I'm going with my life, all i do know is, its a bloody relief that blogger has a spell check.

You've probably stumbled across my admittedly shoddy blog via YouTube or Twitter.
I firstly started watching YouTube videos around 3 years ago, I didn't have an account or anything technical like that, i literally avidly checked the four or five channels that i loved. 
February of this year (2011) i made a YouTube account under the user name 'xfashionfanatic', its the worst possible name i could have thought of, ever. It sounds so childish, but I'm stuck with it. The people i would watch on YouTube slowly grew to the subscriptions i have now. I take the 'subscribe' button really seriously, i don't subscribe to someone just because i want them to subscribe back, i will only subscribe if i honestly want your videos to appear in my subscription box. Non of that sub 4 sub business, if i like your videos, i will subscribe- plain and simple.
I'd made a few videos, but quickly dismissed them and never had the balls to upload them, however June 2011 i got the iPhone 4, it was so quick and simple to upload of, i uploaded my first video in June. Ever since then I've been plodding along, just enjoying making videos.
After a couple of months making videos, blogging was something that i really grew interested in. I've always been one of those people who are better at phrasing things by writing them down in words, than saying them aloud. But I'm not technical, and when you look at the likes of zoella, and thelondonlipgloss, their blogs are mind blowing. My blog isn't anything like theirs now, and unless someone does it all for me, it never will. Fancy blogs are nice, but its not everything i suppose.
Not many people outside of the 'beauty community' know that i make videos and blog. ThePersianbabe once said something along the lines of  "people outside of the beauty community tend to be ignorant about it" which is one of the most correct statements ever. People are so cautious to start making beauty videos, me included, but you know what? Sod what everyone else thinks, i make beauty videos not because I'm vein, not because make-up is my life and not because i thing material things are the be all and end all. Far from it in fact, i make beauty videos because its a hobby that i enjoy doing, and its no different to any other hobby like rugby or dancing. RANT OVER.

I'm not exactly experimental with make-up if I'm perfectly honest, i love switching up my lipstick and trying out new mascaras but other than that, i know what i like, and i like what i know. Experimenting with hair and clothing is much more what I'm 'into'. I'd love to go into the clothing industry but i can't draw for shit, so that's that dream shattered. 

In a nutshell, that's me. God knows how long I'll be doing the whole YouTube Blogging scene, but I'm really enjoying it for now, and i can't imagine I'll be stopping any time soon. :-)