Thursday, 5 April 2012

HAUL ft River Island

Summer shopping always gets me excited, especially this time around due to the almost heatwave the other week. Which is pretty much a distant memory to us all in the UK now, considering when i brought these, it was snowing outside.
I went shopping with my grandma and brought quite a fair few things! We went to Fosse Park in Leicester as we always do. Its an outside complex with few yet large shops. My Grandma has an addiction to Monsoon quite similar to one on crack, Fosse park has a very large Monsoon. I'm not a fan, its aimed much more at the mature woman, so the only shops i tend to ever purchase anything from at Fosse park is New Look (on the odd occasion, it seems to have gone down a very steep hill) Accessorize and River Island.

Aztec print scarf [Accessorize]: This may as well just have 'Hannah' written on the label. Its aztec print AND its a snood. What more could i ask for in life? Its perfection, but the price tag isn't, at £18 i think its a tad excessive, but i will get my use out of it.

MTV t-shirt [River Island]: I've seen this top in my local River Island but in white and just thought 'meh'. Don't get me wrong, i love a good white t-shirt, but it just seemed a little too plain in white. However when i saw it in pink, it was a whole different ball game, which i wanted to play. I imagine it will look lovely over sized with a blazer or tucked into shorts or a skirt. £20, not bad, I've mentioned before that River Island have defiantly sorted their prices out.

Chelsea Girl lace dress [River Island]: I'm a massive fan of skater dresses, and I'm a massive fan of lace, but some of the lace skater dresses you see aren't anything special at the top and lack detail, and seen as though my top half is in my opinion my better half, I'd preffer all the detail to be there please. I love button at the front, it just gives it that more vintage feel, the sleeves are also perfect, I'm not a fan of my upper arms, and the frills flatter them nicely enough that i wouldn't feel i had to wear a cardigan or jacket with it. Its also cream and not white, which just makes it look nicer. £25.

Denim shorts [River Island]: My best friend recently got a pair of vintage Levi cut of shorts and she looked amazing in them, i tried to imagine them on myself in vomited. I have short fat legs, with an arse and hips, this is where me and jeans struggle, being the same material i stayed clear of shorts as well. I usually wear skirts or stick to leggings in the summer. I never thought i could pull off the whole 'cut off shorts' with tights that works so well for people with amazing legs. I admit these shorts look scary for someone of my size on the hanger, but i tried them on, cos unless you try then you'll never know, and they actually looked dead nice on, they didn't look as short as they did on the hanger, and me. I. Hannah with the short fat legs and the massive hips liked shorts with tights. Bingo. £25.

I also bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix and Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Original of me, i know. But if you would like a review of these, from the perspective of, well me, then do let me know :) x

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  1. I love the scarf!!
    Great haul!