Monday, 26 March 2012

Orly Gel Fx

Who'd have thought we would see the day I'd have gel nails again. Its safe to say my first experience of gel nails wasn't the best, I'll like the post here. The nails felt like nothing more than a bog standard polish i would use myself, you could see the stains of my actual nail through the polish, and they chipped after one day in my mums case. Not an experience that makes you think, oh yeah I'll have that done again, definitely.

Before i had a lady whom I'd never met before come to the house and do them, this time i went to a salon my my local village (hate that word.). I was apprehensive when i went to have them done and nearly opted out and told her to do acrylics, but every things worth a second chance eh. I straight away felt a little more at ease when i saw she was using Orly, i wasn't actually aware Orly did Gel nails, but its always comforting when you see a brand you know and trust i suppose. She showed me the colours on a sheet that they had in stock, and if you can't spot it already all you nail geeks, i chose "Rage". At the time i thought all of these colours were purely Gel colours, but I'm actually they are just Gel versions of Orly's normal line.

This time the Gel took around 30 - 45 minutes, as apposed to the hour and a half last time, I still can't get my head around that they're dry straight away. I'm really happy with them actually, i didn't think I'd like them as much as i have. They feel much thicker, much like i anticipated them to last time. Not thick in a fake way, but thick in a promising professional way. I've had no chipping and in direct sun light (top photo) they shine so much.

When i got home i was curious about Orly's Gel range and if it was readily available. The website confused me so of to eBay i went. All the colours, base and top coats seem to be around the £15, i started counting it up how much it would actually cost to get my own equipment and do them myself - I know haha, here we go! You can fart around with primers and cleansers, but from the looks of it and observing the lady who did mine, all you really need is the base coat (£15) colours (£15) and a top coat (£15) and obviously a UV lamp, ranging in price. So its around £50 to set up, but at £15 every time i go and have them done, that will soon pay off, momma agreed and i bought the base & top coat, and a colour in "rage" from this eBay seller.

Who'd have fucking thought. Until Saturday i hated Gel nails, now I've brought my own kit. Bipolar. I will do a post regarding how long they last, and if you'd like, a post/video on how my own DIY Orly kit goes.

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  1. I've not tried an Orly gel yet, but this looks amazing! :) If it anything as good as the normal polishes, ill definitely have to give one a try!
    Great post sweetie! :)