Saturday, 4 February 2012

Benefit Thrrrob.

I'll be the first to admit I'm a little late on the Benefit box powder band waggon, and i can't say my first impressions of benefit where impressive. I did both a post and video on my Christmas wish list, and i put the Benefit Powda Wowza on there, it seemed value for money, and a good way to get a taster of the Benefit infamous blushes. However Christmas came and went, and so did the majority of January, and it still hadn't turned up. I can't even put it down to ordering too close to Christmas, i ordered within the first week of December. And just to add to my disappointment, the compact is a seasonal purchase, that they mainly release for just Christmas. My babe of a Grandma ordered me a singular blush instead, if I'd have been able to choose which one, i probably would have asked for Coralista as it was the one i was most looking forward to trying in the Powda Wowza compact.

Benefit is loved so much, being a sucker for packaging i was also curious, but with the Christmas ordeal, i wasn't anticipating much. Thrrrob is actually the perfect colour for me. Its a very barbie pink with just the right amount of gold shimmer, but lacks in pigmentation. I find as a general rule, go light handed with blush, i have pale skin, so that's just life, but with this, i feel like I'm going back in with my brush for more. I tried to swatch the blush for the post, but what with my camera, and the lacking pigment, it just wasn't happening. On reading other reviews, just nosey for everyone else's opinion, I've noticed a recurring comment about it being chalky. I can see exactly how that would be if you were much more tan than me, but for my colouring, there is no problem.

The blush has made it to my everyday draw, and i do really like the effect it leaves. But the pigmentation is a really disappointment for the price tag. £23.50 are you being deadly serious? Natural Collection blushes are 10x the pigmentation, and are £1.99, you could get 11 of them, for the price of one of these. I probably would ask for another box powder for a birthday or Christmas, but never would i justify spending £23.50 on what is essentially a cardboard box, with a nice but crap pigment powder inside.


  1. The shade is beautiful but it is very pricey!

  2. looks very nice, love the colour and the packaging! I wanted the powda wowza to for christmas, oohh well.