Wednesday, 21 December 2011

hello puppy

 (me on the left OBVS, my gorgeous grandma on the right)

 Isn't he the most beautiful doggie in the entire world? The correct answer to that is YES.
I did a introductory video which i posted to YouTube to show you all the new addition to our family. But with the whole excitement of it all, i forgot a lot of the points i wanted to include. So i thought I'd do a meaty blog post about it all instead, in case any of you were wondering about the more minor details.
Firstly my mother has horrendous asthma, and has pretty major allergies to animal hair. She grew up with dogs, and my doggies are something my Grandma has always had, but obviously, dogs and puppies don't do her the world of good medical wise. 
About 18 months ago, my mum started noticing a man in our village walking a white little fluff ball, she complimented the man on his dog and they just got talking, she explained her allergies and he informed her that this breed was a Bishon Frise, one of the only dogs that do not shed hair, all year round. Mum was on a mission to find one to call her own.
 We searched high and low for a Bishon Frise puppie, we had quite tight specifications though. Bishon's are notorious for being pricey, however as with most breeds of dog, there are many dodgy breeders out there, which are sometimes hard to spot. Kennel Club was a website we were on constantly, but nothing came up within the Midlands of the UK, or non of the breeders seemed genuine or the right one for us. August this year we finally called it a year, and said we would try again next year.
Yesterday my Grandmas partner called in advanced saying he wanted to bring a chair round for Christmas day (every ones coming to us this Christmas, but we only have 4 chairs, because its just us 3 living here). So here he was half 2 maybe it was, I hadn't even got dressed yet, i was happily still in bed watching cheaper by the dozen 2. He shouted up the stairs saying he wanted me to help him carry something, i went downstairs, annoyed as i was removed from my bed, 'what?' and before he even replied, my little 2 month old puppie was sat there in my mums arms. It was the best surprise ever ever ever ever ever ever. 
My Grandma had found this breeder in Leicester, hes a farmer but breeds Bishon Frises once a year, the bitch had 5 puppies but ours was the last one left, my grandma said she would have bought another for herself if there had of been one. Me and mum had said 18 months ago we wanted a little boy puppie, to be called Bruno. And that's what we've got. Grandma filled the pedigree forms and naming certificates, and bought him straight round.
My sister is physically obsessed with him, shes also longed for a doggie for so long, and we're so happy we finally have one.
When Grandma brought him home, along with her she brought a massive bag of dog food provided by the breeder, and also a cage. I hate the cage, but he has to have it. He's so small he couldn't possibly left to sleep where he pleases downstairs. And we are trying our hardest not to let him sleep upstairs, but last night we caved. 10 we came up and watched TV in bed, and left Bruno in his cage for the night. At first he just whimpered, but then it turned to high pitched barking. We let this go on from 10 until 3am, then we caved and let him in mums room, he still cried in there, he hates his cage, and ended up getting his own way and slept in mums bed.
We've looked into DAP which basically releases synthetically created appeasing pheromones, identical to the ones the mother will release. In english, this means his mother releases these calming 'vibes' that he gains comfort form. So i suppose it kind off explains his crying, hes basically being deprived of a drug his mother was supplying, and now he doesn't have mother, or his pheromones.
He hasn't had his injections either, so he cannot play outside until he's had them, which we've quickly got him in for his first lot tomorrow..
He takes so much comfort in things that look like him or feel like him. Like fluffy white slippers, cushions and blankets. He likes checking we're still there every now and again, and he hates being alone.
At the minute hes on four little meals a day, which once he is 6 months is supposed to be cut down to one meal a day, but that seems a little, harsh. so maybe he'll have one meal, and lots of treats instead:)

Heres a video with my beautiful man featured.

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  1. hes sooo gorgeoussss! i got a bichon about 2 years ago :) And they are amazing so well behaved, smart lovely anndd aw! love your blog too! xx