Wednesday, 2 November 2011

want it. need it. daddy?

There is always a million and 37 new things you need, when you're skint. And at the moment, that's me. I've usually got hauls flying all over the place with the latest bargains I've bought, but just recently, my spendings been cut, and I'm quite frankly skint.

With that aside, i always make little wish lists, of all the things i want at the particular moment, I've got thousands of word documents titled 'wish list' but this time, i thought I'd share it with you all instead. You'll notice I've really been getting into the Aztec theme just lately, i never thought i would because its not 'girley' enough, but in actual fact- I'm quite liking it.

Starting with no1, as you would... what better combination could i find other than burgundy Aztec leggings?! i don't think i possibly could. These beauty's are from Newlook and are reasonably priced at £12.99.

I haven't really numbered the picture orderly, but whatevzzz, no2 is possibly the most adorable necklace I've ever seen. I say that about the majority of necklaces, but what can i say? I'm a necklace junky. I don't actually like tea, just like the look of teapots, i also love clock jewelry, so together, i was sucked in. Its from Ark Clothing, which whenever i mention everyone questions "OMG whats ark?!" "I've never heard of ark" well, its the most amazing shop in the entire world, and i own a large percentage of their clothing and jewelery. After that tangent, the necklace a little pricey for what it is, at £11.99, but i like it.

No3 is something I've had my eye on for what seems like an eternity. I love it. Its from Topshop, and as you can imagine, is a complete rip of for a scarf. Its actually £16, Topshop and £16 never sounds too bad, but that scarf could quite easily be seen in primark, and if the price tag said £16 in there, there would be a mass outbreak of protesting shoppers.

Oh no4, I've been looking for some killer heels for a long time. I went into Newlook the other day actually and tried some on that were on offer for £15, i only had 20 quid with me, and i felt like i was just getting them because they were cheap, not because i had fallen in love with them. These are also from Newlook and i can safely say, i have fallen in love with these. They are £24.99, which i think is pretty amazing. If I'm getting heels, i always get ones that i know there is no possibility of falling out of, as I'm yet to fully master the art of walking in killer heels. I love the cut out detail, i think it would look so pretty if you had a different coloured pair of tights on under. If i remember correctly i heard someone talking about Newlook wining some sort of award for being the best shoe retailer on the high street, which i personally think is well deserved, their clothes may slack now and again, but the shoes make up for it.

Last, but no means least, no5. I adore the whole brightly coloured Aztec prints, however, the majority of people are sporting this through legging form. And for someone of a 'fuller figure' in other words, fat, that's not going to happen. I couldn't think of anything worse than wearing brightly coloured Aztec leggings, i can't imagine Gok would approve. So i thought the skirt form was a much better option, i actually have this skirt already in burgundy, and both are priced at £22.99, which i think is pretty good. This is also from Ark Clothing which will be linked somewhere or other, for all you people who don't seem have the common sense to google "ark clothing" ;)

So if anyone has a spare £80 that they'd like to lend me, that would be fantastic.

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